We are specialize in automatic selection through artificial vision of complex metal components, ranging from 0.1 to 200 millimeters.

Artificial vision for automatic selection.

Our machinery is highly sophisticated. Programming the control stations is necessary to minimize the potential for human error. Moreover, the machines operate continuously without performance drops, 24 hours a day. Each machine is designed according to specific preferences required by the customer.

In a few years we have gone from 3 to 23 automatic sorting machines, with constant optimization to increase accuracy. Our constant investment in Industrial development, training and new quality processes guarantees an increasingly detailed analysis of components and technical parts with the result of 100% zero defects.

The manual selection system

In our company, we have a manual selection laboratory. Experienced personnel carry out inspections on components that, due to their size (larger than 200 millimeters) or the complexity of quality control (twisting, elongation, etc.), cannot be inspected by our artificial vision machinery.

A complete service:
from loose parts
to finished packaging

The control process ends with the preparation of the packaging required by the customer. This automated procedure is carried out by eliminating any contaminations and ensuring the proper design of the components for an optimal result. The entire process is conducted while maintaining the professional image of our clients. A supply chain that maintains consistent quality in every phase with the utmost precision and privacy.

Tax data

Registered office: Via Giuseppe Micca 10, 24064 – Grumello del Monte (BG), Italy
Tax code/VAT: IT03503130985
REA: BG – 421625
Share capital: 100.000,00€