New Service: Automatic Selection for Metal Small Parts

After a research and development phase lasting over 2 years, Italgom proudly inaugurates its new service of automatic sorting for small metal small parts and components. Discover all the details.

The new added value for our customers

Smart investments for growing together. Italgom introduces the new service of automatic sorting for metal pieces – bolts, screws and wood screws, fittings, rings, buckles, springs, threaded components and similar – sintered components and technical metal parts.

Another step forward for all those companies in the metallurgical sector seeking a reliable partner in outsourced automatic sorting, carried out with highly reliable artificial vision machines. Shared goal: an increasingly precise quality control with 100% zero defects.

The automatic sorting for metal small parts has been initiated through intensive R&D efforts and in collaboration with Dimac Srl, a manufacturer specializing in these specific technologies.

Mechanical and Optical Inspection for Metal Components: Technical Specifications

The service offered by Italgom is applicable to large volumes of cylindrical hanged parts and flat-shaped pieces, whether they are simple or complex. The sorting process includes optical dimensional inspection and attribute checks using high-resolution digital cameras, verification of thread presence if applicable, and examination of surface defects with state-of-the-art vision systems. This will help you avoid non-conformity returns and costly production stoppages.

Guaranteed Precision:

  • Up to +/-0.005 mm for screws, fittings, shafts, threaded inserts, special turned or molded components;
  • Up to +/-0.01 mm for nuts, weld nuts, self-locking nuts, washers, snap rings.

The advantages of third-party automatic selection

Italgom is an established Bergamo-based company in the field of third-party automatic sorting for any type of material. We have an in-house warehouse for storing your parts and a 4.0 information system that provides real-time processing data. We take care of everything: pick-up from your location, storage, sorting, grinding, packaging, and re-delivery.

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