Automatic selection
and inspection
of rubber parts

O-Rings, technical components, micro and macro rubber parts

Italgom is the division of the company that specializes in the selection and inspection of rubber parts ranging from 0.1 to 200 millimeters

We provide a selection service for O-rings and components, including micro and macro rubber and PTFE parts. The use of machines allows us to adhere to your quality standards with consistently guaranteed PPM.

For the selection of components larger than the specified dimensions and for inspecting special parts that are currently not manageable by machinery, we rely on our dedicated manual component selection laboratory.

In continuous research and development of new tools such as surface optics, dimensional telecentric lenses, internal/external peripherals, squeezers, lasers.

  • Precision up to +/- 0.005mm
  • Optical resolution 0.005mm/px
  • Minimum detectable defect size 0.005 x 0.005mm
  • Optics ranging from 5 to 15 megapixels in both black and white and color
  • Machine learning systems (artificial intelligence)
  • Automatic packaging
  • Mechanical checks like SQUEEZER
Micro parts

Often, manual selection of micro parts can be quite challenging, which is why it’s preferable to discard the entire production batch and create a new one by replacing the mold. However, with automated sorting using dedicated optics and tools, this issue can be avoided.

  • Sizes from 0.1mm, including components
  • Inspections on items with different faces
  • Inspections on all surfaces of the piece
  • Customized tailor-made loading systems (linear or spiral vibrators) to prevent further piece breakage or the loading of asymmetric components
  • Automated packaging system, to eliminate further potential errors during the packaging phase
  • Maintaining precision through repeated sample checks every 24 hours
Macro parts

For the inspection of macro components, both artificial vision machines and manual inspection can be used, or both. The only limitation is placed on the size of the piece.

  • Machine dimensions: O-rings, X-rings, V-rings, and macro components up to a maximum of 200 millimeters
  • Inspections on items with different faces
  • Multi-station machines requiring verification of specific mechanical stresses (twisting, elongation, etc.)
  • Automatic packaging and the option for manual packaging for specific piece arrangement
  • Specialized laboratory in manual selection of components exceeding 200 millimeters
  • Maintaining precision through repeated sample checks every 24 hours
Our partner​s

Doss enables companies of all types and sizes to understand and benefit from Doss’s advanced artificial vision technology.

We are UTP partners for the entire company structure dedicated to automatic selection through machines with artificial vision stations.

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