We have always believed in high-quality automated sorting services. For this reason, in less than 2 years we succeeded in enhancing our production plant by adding 5 more machines to the already existing 3 ones, reaching a total amount of 23 fully operating machines and a high number of workstations. At present, we are able to sort pieces ranging from 0.1mm up to 100mm, with guaranteed PPM.

Here you can find the complete range of our visual inspection machines:

n. 3 LITE D HD

A machine for upper and lower sides (A+ B) and double peripheral inspections (inner/outer sides, C/D) equipped with double table: one transparent table to inspect upper/lower sides of hollow or conic details that cannot be turned and another table to inspect the surface of pieces that can be turned. If additional peripheral inspection is needed, Squeezer is used (compression system to detect micro cuts ).

n. 1 MICRO

A machine specifically used to inspect pieces and technical details ranging from 0.1mm to 10mm in diameter. Its micro-spiral loading system allows fully automated loading of the parts to be inspected, even the smallest ones, avoiding friction points. It is equipped with double table for upper and lower sides (A + B) and double peripheral inspections (inner/outer sides, C/D), suitable even for conic pieces. It is also provided with a 5 megapixel optical vision system.


A machine used to inspect pieces up to 100mm, with a loading system specifically conceived for pieces ranging from 40mm to 100mm. It is suitable for upper and lower sides (A + B) and double peripheral inspections (inner/outer sides, C/D). The visual inspection workstations are equipped with 10 megapixel cameras.

n. 1 DSORT 2

A machine used to inspect pieces ranging from 0.1mm to 60mm in diameter, suitable for two-surface and double-peripheral inspections (upper, lower, inner and outer sides, A+B+C+D). It is equipped with a transparent inspection table, suitable even for conical details.


A machine used to inspect pieces ranging from 2mm to 40mm in diameter. it is equipped with a single table for two-sides and double-peripheral inspection (A+B+C+D). Visual inspection workstations are equipped with 5 megapixels cameras.

Summary table

Dimensions: from 0.1mm to 100mm
Squeezer: compression testing to detect micro cuts
Two sides inspection: upper side and lower side
Conical pieces: transparent platform to inspect the lower side
Double peripheral inspection: inspection of complex pieces
Loading systems: spiral loading for small pieces, load hopper for big ones
Packaging system: manual and automated (coming soon)
Materials: rubber (elastomers), PTFE, special alloys
Types of items: O-ring, small complex pieces

From 10mm to 50mm

A machine conceived to measure actual thickness with millesimal precision.
Thanks to its laser (used for trigonometry measurements) it works on flat, deformed and non-planar pieces calculating their actual thickness.

Moreover, thanks to this machine we are able to provide our customer with a simple piece-counting and packaging service, avoiding further inspections on the dimensions of the pieces, and thus eliminating the risk of potential contaminations.

Packing machine

All of our machinery are equipped with a packing machine, well provided with custom size bags. Once the inspection is carried out, the pieces are directly packed and heat sealed: in this way we are able to avoid any contaminations and guarantee the quality of our service.