Thanks to our visual inspection machines, we are able to scan upper and lower sides (A+B) of complex micro parts and to carry out double peripheral inspections (inner and outer sides) of the pieces to be scanned. Moreover, we are able to inspect the lower side of conic and rounded pieces with one single stable base (thanks to specific workstations, equipped with transparent tables) and the potential presence of micro cuts (thanks to Squeezer).

Micro parts and technical details: the problem

Carrying out thorough manual controls with guaranteed PPM on micro parts is difficult, due to their small dimensions (ranging from 0.1mm to 4mm in diameter). Once a defect is detected, many manufacturing companies of such kinds of elastomers (rubber) rather prefer discarding the whole lot and start the production process from scratch, replacing the mold.

Our solution: visual inspection automated sorting

Thanks to the purchased machinery, we are able to guarantee high-quality sorting results, up to 0 PPM, that is, 100% defect free. Being able to carry out multiple inspections on different workstations allows us to avoid almost any defect.


Main benefits of micro parts automated sorting

  • Guaranteed PPM without further changes due to human intervention
  • Our automated packaging system avoid potential mistakes during the packaging process
  • Spiral loading system to reduce friction points
  • High performances (reduced times and 24h control)
  • Micro O-ring peripheral control (inner and outer sides)
  • Micro cuts detection thanks to Squeezer

Main types of inspected micro parts

  • Micro O-Ring
  • Micro details