Thanks to our visual inspection machines, we are able to scan upper and lower sides (A+B) of complex macro parts and to carry out double peripheral inspections (inner and outer sides) of the pieces to be scanned. We can also use a special feature called Squeezer to carry out torsion testing to detect micro cuts on parts up to 100mm in diameter.

Macro parts automated sorting

One advantage of using visual inspection machines to sort such kinds of technical parts is being able to test their quality on multiple platforms, in order to sort pieces according to their defection grade until obtaining a PPM equal to 0, that is to say 100% defection free products. Setting the machine properly allows us to provide quality controls 24h, thus maintaining high quality standards.


Main benefits of macro parts automated sorting

  • Guaranteed PPM without further changes due to human intervention
  • During the packaging process, we use an automated system to avoid potential contaminations
  • We are able to detect micro cuts thanks to the Squeeze function
  • High performances (time reduction and 24h control)
  • 95% of our competitors’ machinery can handle parts only up to 60mm

Main types of inspected macro parts

  • Macro O-rings
  • Macro details

We have a laboratory specialized in manual sorting of parts with dimensions beyond the capacity of our machinery (100mm) or requiring specific quality controls involving mechanical stress testing (torsion, tensile testing, etc.).