Doss Visual Solution, a leading company in visual inspection through artificial vision machineries, trusts firmly in the chain quality and has thus decided to support a new company such as Italgom. A strong partnership has born, based on both companies important commitment of guaranteeing our activity essential principles: quality and precision.

Customers who address to us benefit not only from our competence and precision, but also from Doss Visual Solution expertise, professionalism and technology.

Doss World programme, which Italgom represents an integral part of, allows companies of any kind and size to know and be able to benefit from Doss technologically advanced artificial vision. Thanks to this partnership, Italgom supplies the artificial inspection service for rubber and plastic moulding under Doss technical monitoring.

Artificial inspection machineries give an answer to the market increasing needs of quality and speed.
Even though some quality checks on o-rings, technical pieces and other kind of rubber and plastic gaskets are still manually realised, the optical inspection through artificial vision guarantees a definitely higher level of precision and reliability.
Doss machineries have a high technological value and their potential is strictly linked to their user’s programming and managing abilities. The main advantage the customer experiences when relying on Italgom for this kind of services is to benefit from our programming expertise, which is constantly updated thanks to training sessions and investments on new technologies developed by Doss.