Italgom offers the automatic sorting advanced service through artificial inspection systems supplied by DOSS.


Through a complex high resolution cameras installation, all defects on the pieces to be sorted are detected. The use of powerful specific lenses on each particular, even on the smallest pieces, allows the machinery to select products according to the set programme.
Our machineries also check pieces for cuts and micro-cuts with the Squeezer function, a specific process in which the machinery presses each single piece to be sorted.

Why do we use artificial inspection for our quality check?

The implementation of the right programme allows us to obtain the highest checking precision possible, cancelling any possibility of human mistake. It is certainly better to obtain a perfect service rather than an almost perfect one, at the very same price. Moreover, the machinery works on a continuous cycle, 24 hrs, with no performance decrease. Thanks to our programming competence, each machinery is set for satisfying our customer’s needs.

We invest for our customers

The choices of constantly updating our artificial inspection machineries and of a suitable training for a more and more detailed programming process, make our company the right choice for the customer who needs a carefree service, from the boxes collection, to the delivery of sorted pieces in their suitable package.